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Dordrecht, April 21, 2009

Opening new playground school and day-care centre Merwebolder ASVZ

On Tuesday 21 April the newly built playground for day-care centre Merwebolder and the school De Wereldbol at the site of ASVZ, located at Touwbaan 1 in Sliedrecht, was opened.


Together with Peter Mertens, member of the board of executive directors of ASVZ, and Gordon Tait, site manager DuPont Dordrecht, the children of the school and the day-care centre put the playground into use with a sporty action.  


The construction and furnishing of the playground has been made possible by DuPont Dordrecht. In July 2008 this company received an award for more than 1.500 days of operation without an injury. As a reward for this milestone, the employees of DuPont could choose from four presents. One of these presents was a donation to a charity.  DuPont Dordrecht selected the ASVZ location Merwebolder in Sliedrecht. A total amount of approximately 10,000 Euros was the result.


The playground is completely new, with sustainable equipment. Rubber tiles are a guarantee that the children can play safely. New lines were painted for football and basketball, with goals and baskets. In addition, a table-tennis table, a swing and a picnic table were installed.