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Dordrecht, October 8, 2009

DuPont donates more than 4,000 Euros for children with an appetite for reading

In the presence of dozens of students, three primary schools at industrial area ‘De Staart’ in Dordrecht received a cheque of 4,350 Euros from DuPont for the project Success Books, Books for Success. By means of this project, the schools and the Dordrecht public library want to promote reading among students and their parents in order to create an appetite for reading that is as big as that of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Gordon Tait, the site manager of DuPont Dordrecht, presented the cheques at the start of the Children’s Book Week, the theme of which is ‘Dinner is ready!’. The Wantijschool at the Wielingenstraat, the Regenboog at the Volkerakweg and the Wantijschool at the Maasstraat cooperate in the project. The children of the schools had made pages of the book about The Very Hungry Caterpillar to show that reading is something you can’t get enough of.


“For many children and their parents, the distance to the public library downtown is too great. That is why the schools have an in-house library service. That lowers the threshold”, say reading coordinators Hélène Versteeg of the Regenboogschool and Laura van Zanten of the Wantijschool.


The donation comes from the DuPont Community Fund. “That is a global fund for which all DuPont sites can submit an application every year”, says spokesman Willem Buitelaar. “The project of the three schools and the library very much appeals to us. Encouraging young children and their parents to read, may contribute to them choosing good secondary education. We want to be a part of the communities in which we operate. The Community Fund is one way to make a contribution.”