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Dordrecht, November 17, 2009


Exactly 50 years ago today, the foundation stone was laid for DuPont Dordrecht. To commemorate that - and to underscore the connection with the community in which the company operates - the chemical company presented a wishing tree to the client council of nursing and rest home De Merwelanden in the industrial area ‘De Staart’. The tree will be placed on the reception desk of De Merwelanden. Residents may hang a paper apple in the tree with a wish they would like to see come true. This may vary from spending an afternoon shopping or visiting a concert to preparing an Indonesian meal with a neighbor or attending a mass in Latin. De Merwelanden makes sure the wishes come true. In his speech of thanks, manager Theo van Bakel of De Merwelanden referred to an old Germanic tradition: people hid their wishes among the branches of trees to make their wishes come true. Site Manager Gordon Tait expressed the wish that DuPont and De Merwelanden will remain good neighbors for many years to come.

The wishing tree is made of plexiglass and placed on a wooden base. The tree is made by employees of DuPont’s central shop.


In the picture, from left to right: Mrs. Van Twist (chairwoman client council De Merwelanden,

Arie van der Vliet and Bert Onwijn (both from DuPont).