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Safety and Health

People and the environment are the central point of DuPont’s stringent safety policy. Worldwide DuPont is consulted to help other companies and processes to become safer. Right from DuPont’s start in 1802 – with the production of gunpowder – its safety policy is firmly embedded in the operational management.

DuPont considers safety of paramount importance. Both in the fields of process safety and safe work practices, management systems are in place to prevent incidents and accidents. In addition DuPont has been certified in accordance with ISO-9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment). Based on the hazardous substances present at the location, the directive on major-accident hazards applies to the site. Controlling these hazards is considered best practicable means.

On a regular basis safety drills are held at DuPont in Dordrecht. The regional fire brigade also takes part in the periodical drills in controlling calamities. DuPont has its own company fire brigade which consists of eight professional fire fighters and 125 volunteers. They have several emergency response vehicles at their disposal, including an ultramodern International E-One.