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Working with care for safety and the environment

DuPont in Dordrecht employs about 900 people. The various plants are operated by self-managing teams. The tasks are divided by mutual agreement. There is no boss telling you exactly what to do; together you determine who will do what. The supervisor is rather a coach who makes sure that the work can be done by mutual arrangement. Independence is one side of the job, safety is another important factor. All over the world, DuPont is known for the importance the company attaches to safety. The processes have various built-in measures to guarantee the safety of the people, the environment and the surroundings. It also requires our employees having the right mentality. People who want to come and work for DuPont are expected to have that same mentality.

Working with a high degree of independence

About half of our employees are working shifts. Based on their own specialization, the people work together in teams in the various production processes. At DuPont we work in roles with different role levels. Not the functions are described, but the relevant value-adding processes. The required working and thinking level for employees who work shifts varies from intermediate to higher vocational education (MBO to HBO). As a university graduate in chemical engineering, physics or technical business administration you can start working for DuPont as a Process Engineer. The minimum requirement for the role of Mechanical Engineer is BSc/MSc mechanical engineering. For Project Engineer we ask mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. The latter also applies to the Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer.

If you do not work shifts, you contribute to the continuity and improvement of the value-adding processes. The major support groups are: engineering, purchasing, financial support, logistics.