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DuPont at school

Guest classes and traineeships

To create the best possible connection between education and work, DuPont considers the contact with schools very important. DuPont keeps in close touch with schools in the region. The company is also receptive to new contacts. One of the objectives of the cooperation with schools is to get more young people enthusiastic about a technical or process function. To that end, DuPont offers guest classes at schools for (pre-)intermediate vocational education and guest lectures at colleges and universities.

Besides we have traineeships every year at several levels and in various functions, such as process and electrical engineering, logistics, finance and communication.

Guided tours

DuPont likes to show what the company is doing in Dordrecht. That is why we organize, upon request, guided tours and orienting visits for college and university students who pursue a technical or chemical education. The minimum age for participating in a guided tour is 15. Interested in visiting DuPont in Dordrecht? Send an e-mail .