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A work-study job at DuPont means working and learning at the same time

At DuPont in Dordrecht dozens of young people gain work experience and are studying for a diploma at the same time. In a work-study job they are trained to be process operator Vapro-A and B process technology, first mechanic industrial maintenance (EMIO = Eerste Monteur Industrieel Onderhoud), first mechanic industrial equipment (EMBI = Eerste Monteur Bedrijfsinstallaties) and technican industrial equipment (TBI = Technicus Bedrijfsinstallaties). If you want to be eligible for such a training, combining study and work and earning money at the same time, you must have completed, as a minimum, a VMBO-education, with the subjects that are relevant for the process industry, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry.
If you have a work-study job, you work four days a week and one day a week you go to school. In 2008, the work-study jobs for Vapro-A and B are based on studying aimed at acquiring competencies. For the work-study jobs, DuPont is closely cooperating with its “in-house temporary agency” Proflex. If you are offered a work-study job at DuPont, you will work through an employment agency. During the training, an evaluation takes place every six months. If you complete the work-study job successfully and within the established period, you may be eligible for a permanent contract.