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Trainee opportunities

DuPont highly values the development and improvement of its products and processes. It is DuPont’s opinion that man is of overriding importance here. Only with the right people will we be able to implement the desired developments and improvements. That is also why it is important that the field of education is attuned to the requirements and wishes of the business world. By offering traineeships in various fields of study, DuPont does not only make a contribution with a view to the general interest, but even more so for its own interest.

A number of benefits:
• We get in touch with new, talented people;
• It is a simple way to recruit new employees;
• We acquire highly motivated people;
• We will have the most up-to-date knowledge and know-how at our disposal;
• A wind of change will be blowing through the company;
• We can finish off things that would otherwise be left undone, such as projects and investigations;
• We contribute to getting a better tie-up between schools and the job market;
• We contribute to improving the cooperation between schools and businesses;
• We enhance our reputation and improve our image.

Which traineeships are available?

The options for traineeships at DuPont are diverse and vary in terms of educational level. There are a number of fixed traineeships, such as:

Human Resources

HBO HBO P&A (personnel & labour)

Traineeship agency

HBO HBO P&A, MER (management, economics and law)

Contract Management

MBO business administration, level 3 and/or 4



Production and support services

MBO process technology, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, HBO/WO CT (scientific education)



Occasionally there are traineeship openings within the framework of projects.

The traineeship agency takes care of the contacts and contracts with the trainees. Are you interested in a traineeship? Do you have any questions, remarks or suggestions? Send an e-mail or call the traineeship agency (telephone 078 6302227).