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Standox Nederland

A bollard, a sudden oncoming car... Unfortunately, car damage happens to all of us. If you want guaranteed professional repair, you just go to a car repair shop that uses Standox automotive refinishing paints. You will find them all over the Netherlands.
Car repair shops all over the world have used Standox paints for decades, because of the reliability and the quality. It is not without reason that Standox is market leader in Europe.

Car repair shops choose Standox high-performance refinishing paints because of the innovative UV technology, the good coating power and the bright shine.

Standox, part of DuPont Performance Coatings, is a leading manufacturer of automotive refinishing paints. The parent company, Standox GmbH, is located in Wuppertal, Germany. The distribution network comprises more than 80 countries.

Standox Nederland, located in Breda, is responsible for the sales and marketing of Standox paints in the Netherlands and is a part of the international network of Standox companies. Car repair shops get additional support in the form of courses and training sessions, hosted by Standox employees in more than 40 specialized Standox Information Centers, spread all over the world.

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