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Viton® is a product of DuPont Performance Elastomers – a full subsidiary of DuPont. It is a semi-finished product with the properties of rubber (fluoroelastomer). The automotive, aerospace and chemical industries have appreciated this material for over fifty years now for its excellent resistance to heat and chemicals. Solvents and fuels such as petrol and kerosene do not affect Viton®. That is why the material is widely used for hoses, tubes, O-rings and other sealants. The odds are that the tubes beneath your car’s bonnet are made of Viton®.

Dordrecht is the only European site that manufactures Viton®. The other plants are all in the United States. In Dordrecht we have three different Viton® plants. The Gum Plant manufactures the basic types. The Viton® VSOP Plant makes the ‘specialties’ with their specific properties. The APA Plant produces Viton® that retains its rubber characteristics at low temperatures and is even better resistant to chemicals.

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