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Toulouse, 6 februari 2008

DuPont demonstrates the benefits of biotechnology in France.

DuPont demonstrates the benefits of biotechnology in France.
A technical conference addresses the role of biotechnology in building a promising future

TOULOUSE, France, Feb. 6, 2008 – DuPont  representatives told participants in a technical conference here today that biotechnology holds a great deal of promise and offers the potential for sustainable living, healthy eating and battling diseases while reducing environmental impact. The conference, hosted by Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business selling conventional and biotech seeds in France, brought together more than 350 international experts, scientists, farmers, government officials and French food and feed chain representatives to review and discuss the valuable role of  biotechnology to meet the rapidly growing demand for grain for food, feed, alternative fuels and bio-based materials while, at the same time, increasing farm productivity and reducing environmental footprint.

“The world today is facing challenges that will ultimately determine the future of our planet. Providing a safe and abundant supply of food, feed, fuel and materials for a growing population while using less land and water; addressing climate change; or producing materials based on renewable feedstocks are all areas where biotechnology, which is part of DuPont’s integrated science strategy, is bringing solutions”, said Ian Hudson, President DuPont Europe, Middle East and Africa. “We must rely on innovation and new technology, including the tools of biotechnology, to bring a positive contribution to one of the greatest changes in the history of agriculture. In 2006, more than 100 million hectares of biotech crops were planted globally. They were used for the food and feed chain, but also for the development of bio-fuels and bio-based materials which will play a key role to address the above challenges.”

”Given this background, we are puzzled by the recent decision of the French government to withhold access to this technology which risks holding back innovation and does not appear to be based on scientific facts,” Hudson added. “Biotechnology is part of our sustainability efforts and our on-going commitment to innovation and safety, not only in France, but all around the world. We understand that for science to work, it has to be accepted and understood, and we work with universities, government researchers and other companies to continually enhance our understanding of the science behind biotechnology and its potential.”


Jacques Beauville, farmer from the Toulouse area attending the conference, said, “I produce 15% more maize grain using Btmaize than I do with conventional maize and on the same amount of land with fewer inputs. I need this technology to meet increased demands, but also to remain competitive with the farmers elsewhere in the world that have the access to Btmaize and other biotech products which increase their productivity”.

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