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Breaking news: DuPont Australia Dust Suppression team wins environmental, dust control awards


The DuPont Dust Suppression team at the Australian Bulk Handling Awards, Sydney, 12 November 2009

The DuPont Dust Suppression team with their Dust Control Award at the Australian Bulk Handling Awards, Sydney, 12 November. LtR: Graeme Frankpitt, Sythree (business partner), Leo Hyde, DuPont, Ed Crawford, Anglo Coal Australia, David Bennie, DuPont, Anita Hajetian, DuPont, Dr Leong Mar, DuPont, Terry Thew, ESS Engineering (engineering partner), Hutch Ranck, Managing Director, DuPont Australia.


DuPont Australia’s groundbreaking work in reducing dust emissions from coal trains, improving air quality in local communities, has been recognised with two prestigious industry awards – the Australian Mining Prospect Awards award for Excellence in Environmental Management and the Australian Bulk Handling Awards award for Dust Control Technology.

The Australian Mining Prospect Awards were held in Sydney on Wednesday 11 November and The Australian Bulk Handling Awards on Thursday 12 November.


The awards came as a result of a joint project with Anglo Coal, which saw the coal dust emissions during rail transportation reduced by 50 to 90 percent, depending on the actual conditions and coal transported.


‘Dust emissions from coal trains are a serious problem for the mining industry and a constant source of compliant for communities near the rail lines’, said DuPont Technology Centre Manager, Dr Leong Mar. ‘Australia’s hot, dry climate significantly increases the potential for dust emissions during the trip from the mine to the port.


‘DuPont worked closely with its partner, Anglo Coal at their Callide Mines, to provide a solution that incorporated a specially designed wagon spray system that treats the surface of the coal load with a DuPont™ Dusgon® dust suppression agent. The rail wagon dust suppression system is seamlessly integrated with normal operations and provides tangible benefits to the workers, local community and the environment.’


The improvements were verified by independent environmental consultants who monitored the coal dust emissions from the trains treated with DuPont™ Dusgon® dust suppression agents. The dust emissions from these trains were found to have been reduced by 50 to 90 percent compared to untreated trains.


DuPont Australia Managing Director, Hutch Ranck, says the award reflects the company’s commitment to developing products that protect people and the environment.


‘DuPont is proud to have partnered Anglo Coal to provide a solution that benefits the environment and the industry.


Media releases and articles

Successfully tackling dust emissions from Callide mine coal trains 

By Dr Leong Mar, DuPont Technology Centre Manager, ANZ

Australian Bulk Handling Review, December 09


Technique dampens down dust problems 

The Mining Chronicle, August 09 


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Australian Mining, May 2009 






Highlights from conferences and seminars featuring DuPont Dust Suppression.


Dust and Noise Management in Mining 2009
23 - 24 June 2009, Brisbane, Queensland
Speaker: Dr Leong Mar, Manager, DuPont Australia and New Zealand Technology Centre

Presentation: The science behind surface dust suppression for trains and other applications



  • Examining the science behind suface dust suppression treatments
  • Investigating the performance of dust suppression treatments from the lab to the field
  • Optimising dust suppression treatments in the lab using wind tunnel and other experiments before applying them in the field
Recent Developments in Dust Suppression for the Mining Industry

March 2009, Maitland, NSW


Seminar overview

To review recent developments in bulk materials handling and dust suppression technologies. specifically:

  • Mechanisms of fugitive dust generation and consequences of dust emissions
  • Types of dust control methods including physical, chemical and mechanical systems
  • How a dust control system can improve efficiency and throughput and reduce costs
  • Cost effective rail wagon dust suppression systems
  • Dust control case studies and results on haul roads, stockpiles and rail wagons

Associate Professor Peter Wypych, Director of the Key Centre for Bulk Solids and Particulate Technologies and Associate Professor, Wollongong University

Topic: Dust control for handling, loading and tranfer of bulk materials


Terry Thew, Engineering Systems and Product Development Manager, ESS Engineering

Topic: Dust control at transfer points


Dr Leong Mar, Manager, DuPont Australia and New Zealand Technology Centre

Topic: Recent developments in dust suppression in the mining industry


 Recent developments in dust suppression for the mining industry
From left: Mark Whittaker (ESS), David Bennie (DuPont Australia), Assoc Prof Peter Wypych (University of Wollongong), Leong Mar (DuPont Australia), Terry Thew (ESS) & Anita Hajetian (DuPont Australia)


Advancement in Bulk Materials Handling Systems

23 and 24 August 2008, Ranchi, India

Speaker: Dr Leong Mar, Manager, Australia and New Zealand Technical Centre Manager

Presentation: Simple and cost effective dust suppression treatments for the mining industry


Dr Leong Mar outlines simple and cost effective dust suppression treatments for the mining industry in Ranchi, India