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DuPont Dust Suppression consulting servicesDuPont Dust Consulting Services 
Global Expertise, Local Solutions

DuPont has a long history in particulate science and technology from our early days making gun powder and explosives to our current products like titanium dioxide powder, paint pigments, polymer powder coatings, additives and emulsions. We also have numerous patents in the field of dust control and management and our dust control technologies have been in use in many other applications such as: cement powder manufacturing, road building, soil stabilization and filter materials for bag house installations.

In addition to the vast pool of global resources at our disposal, we have the practical experience and skills vital for the successful facilitation of clients making significant and sustainable improvements. DuPont owns and operates many manufacturing plants all over the world and has established a global reputation in operational excellence and safety management.

DuPont Dust Suppression has a team of experts that can be called upon to assist you with a wide range of dust, operational and safety issues.

DuPont Dusgon Dust Suppression AgentsDuPont Dusgon Dust Suppression Agents
Designed for some of the most challenging problems

DuPont Dusgon Dust Suppression Agents have been specially formulated and extensively tested to solve some of the most challenging dust emission problems of the mining and construction industries. The Dusgon products were developed for optimal performance but with special consideration to Occupational Health and Safety issues, Environmental impact and impact on the subsequent handling and downstream use of the materials.

Coupled with good dust control and management systems, Dusgon products can help you control fugitive dust emissions through various processing steps, transportation and storage. The Dusgon dust suppression technology uses unique combinations of water based polymer dispersions and additives that wet and bind dust particles into a 3 dimensional matrix that prevents emission.

The products in the Dusgon range are non hazardous, simple and easy to apply. They can be used with existing water spray systems or in a delivery system designed for your application.

Advantages of Dusgon Products
  • Non hazardous
  • Low ecological toxicity
  • Low environmental impact
  • Low odour
  • Aqueous dispersion, mixes easily with water
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Quick drying time
  • Dries clear / transparent
  • Non corrosive & safe for all equipment
  • Non regulated for land, ocean and air transportation
  • Non volatile, non flammable
  • Non slippery
  • Once dried, will not dissolve or break down with water
  • Dyes & pigments can be added for colour

Click here to view a video of a Dusgon application on a coal wagon

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