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DuPont™ Dymel® pharmaceutical propellants are used in a wide variety of aerosols for pharmaceutical applications to enhance the quality of life. Dymel® is committed to the highest standards in health, safety, and the environment. 

The Dymel® pharmaceutical propellants are each manufactured in separate facilities that are dedicated solely to their production. Furthermore, DuPont owns and operates its own facilities and manages its own compliance. The propellants, as well as their blends, are shipped throughout the world in dedicated containers ranging in size from 55 kg to 20 metric tons. We can deliver pharmaceutical grade propellants wherever you are and whenever you need them. Something we have been doing since the first pharmaceutical aerosol was ever made.

DuPont continues its commitment to the pharmaceutical industry by offering a family of non-ozone-depleting alternative propellants for pharmaceutical applications.

Learn more about the DuPont role in the Pharmaceutical industry's transition from ozone-depleting chemicals.