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Meet Electrical Insulation Standards with DuPont

When you’re designing products that require electrical insulation systems (EIS), DuPont can make your job easier in meeting electrical insulation standards. That’s because we offer the industry’s largest number of EIS that have been pre-approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and recognized to IEC standards. These systems include a wide range of DuPont materials used in electrical insulation, including: films, aramid papers, pressboard products, and thermoplastic resins.

EIS Explained

EIS Explained

Unique combination of materials verified for chemical compatibility at certain maximum temperatures.
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Why EIS?
Why Do I Need EIS?
EIS is now a global reality.
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How does DuPont help?
How Does DuPont Help?
Free authorization to use UL/IEC-compliant EIS developed by DuPont.
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EIS Selector
EIM/EIS Selector

Experience the faster and easier way to locate DuPont insulation materials and/or systems of your choice.