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Application: Relays, Solenoids & Others

Relays used in electrical appliances, information technology, and automotive applications all have different performance demands.  With characteristics ranging from thin wall flame resistance, to epoxy potting adhesion and hydrolysis resistance, DuPont™ Crastin® PBT-HF and Rynite® PET are the top choices to meet the wide spectrum of requirements.

Solenoids, toroids, and sensors require high flow resins for low pressure molding, helping to prevent fine coil windings from being distorted during over-molding process.  DuPont™ Zytel® PA612, HTN and Rynite® can fulfill this requirement.  Moreover, they can meet the needs of stringent thermal cycle and chemical resistance.

Several manufactures have used various DuPont products in their relay and solenoid designs. Please visit the case studies below to learn about the designs, or contact us to learn more about EIS solutions by DuPont.

Case Studies:

New valve solenoids push reliability up, costs down

Solenoids made using DuPont™ Rynite® PET resin for both the coil bobbin and the outer encapsulating shell offer improved durability and better resistance to moisture.
» Learn More
Crastin® withstands high thermal shocks and encapsulation
The high melt temperature of Crastin® enables the cavity to be filled without damaging the copper wire. The toughness of this grade ensures compatibility with the thermal expansion of the metal insert. » Learn More
Downsized Speed Sensor Gets Rugged Encapsulation...for Less
Using DuPont™ Zytel® PA resin, the manufacturer was able to meet the challenge of protecting the delicate circuitry of its electronic wheel speed sensors.
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Switch to Rynite® PET Streamlines Valve Protection
By switching from potted epoxy to DuPont™ Rynite® PET resin, the manufacturer was able to speed up encapsulation production, which lowered manufacturing costs. » Learn More