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Crastin® withstands high thermal shocks and encapsulation

Solenoids by Sirai Srl are made using two different grades of Crastin® PBT resin for the encapsulant and the bobbin. This design integrates two solenoids together for a fuel dispenser control. The high flow and toughness of Crastin® can protect the wire connection during injection and it can withstand thermal shock from -40˚ C to +150˚ C by maintaining adhesion with the metal insert. Therefore the high melt temperature enables the cavity to be filled – without damaging the copper wire.


Crastin® permits a higher processing window compared to other PBT resins and was chosen for the coil and encapsulation because it can withstand thermal shocks and has excellent dielectric properties. It was also chosen for the coil forms because of its rigidity and dielectric properties.

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