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Switch to Rynite® PET Streamlines Valve Production

A solenoid-operated valve has been designed using Rynite® PET thermoplastic polyester resin. The Solenoid assembly is encapsulated with Rynite® PET thermoplastic polyester resin instead of a traditional epoxy. The coil bobbin is injection molded from Rynite® PET.

The switch from potted epoxy to Rynite® PET allowed for lower manufacturing costs due to speeded encapsulation production, avoided VOC emissions, elimination of secondary finishing and allowed integration of a mounting bracket in the design and elimination of a costly welded metal assembly for plunger guiding.

The valves proved durable through testing of 20 million open-close cycles without failure. They are safety standard compliant and allowed the manufacturer to save time and money in meeting UL 1446 Class F (155˚C) requirements by using a preapproved, DuPont encapsulated electrical insulation system.

Rynite® PET was selected for bobbin and solenoid encapsulation due to its strength, stiffness, high productivity in injection molding.

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