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Patented technology RF200 motor features lighter weight, higher efficiency

A high efficiency, variable speed motor with patented technology RF200 has been made incorporating DuPont™ Rynite® PET resin. The RF200 motor has a shaft power rating of up to 1 hp, offers higher efficiency, reduced product cost, lower capital cost, design flexibility and integration, lighter weight, and vertically integrated manufacturing.

The motor incorporating Rynite® PET has efficiency of up to 80% and part-speed efficiency that is up to five times better than triac controlled induction motors. This means less waste heat and a low operating temperature, typically around 30°C, making it ideal for light industrial and domestic air moving applications as well as heat-sensitive applications like evaporative cooling.


The RF200 motor allows for reduced product cost due to reduced part count, lower part cost, and simplified assembly. Lower capital cost is possible due to fewer components, ease of molding plastic, and elimination of machining operations. The single piece rotor doubles as the hub for an adjustable-pitch axial fan, allowing for design flexibility and integration. The weight of the motor is only one third of the weight of a conventional PSC induction motor due to the use of Rynite® rather than metal. Rynite® can be vertically intergrated into manufacturing through the use of an existing injection molding facility, which reduces dependence on external suppliers.

A Rynite® flame retardant, glass reinforced PET resin was chosen over glass reinforced PBT because of its higher service temperature capabilities that maintain long-term properties at elevated temperatures, and for its mechanical properties such as dimensional stability and added strength and stiffness. The UL® process was assisted by DuPont technical support and expertise, including the use of pre-approved DuPont electrical insulation systems.

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*UL® is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratory