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High-quality electrical insulation coatings

For more than 60 years, DuPont has been an international leader in developing high-quality insulation materials and electrical insulation coatings, including impregnating resins, core sheet varnishes and wire enamels.  Sold under the brand name Voltatex®, these proven performers cover a vast spectrum of product requirements.

Learn more about DuPont™ Voltatex®, a family of products that establishes new performance benchmarks and offers design flexibility.

imprenating resins

DuPont™ Voltatex® Impregnating Resins

Protect and strengthen electrical windings.
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core sheet varnishes
DuPont™ Voltatex® Core Sheet Varnishes
Increased production at a high-quality level. » Learn More
wire enamels
DuPont™ Voltatex® Wire Enamels
Wire enamel system for all applications. » Learn More