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DuPont™ Rynite® PET: Ideal for Electrical Encapsulation

DuPont™ Rynite® PET thermoplastic polyester resin offers an excellent combination of thermal stability, electrical properties, dimensional stability and stiffness, making it ideal for coil forms and electrical encapsulation.

Specifically, DuPont™ Rynite® PET meets the requirements of UL94-V-0 at 0.4 mm and IEC-60335 GWT of >775°C. With a relative thermal index (RTI) of 155°C and insulation ratings of class B (130°C) to class N (200°C), DuPont™ Rynite® PET offers excellent thermal endurance.

With demonstrated performance in through-hole mounted lead-free soldering assemblies, DuPont™ Rynite® PET maintains a very high dielectric strength across a wide temperature range (23˚C to 150˚C).

To learn more, please visit the DuPont™ Rynite® PET resin website, where you'll find data sheets and other information.

Wide selection of pre-tested systems for different applications

Grades Class B (130˚C) Class F (155˚C) Class H (180˚C) 
 General purpose — Rynite® 530
 UL94-V-0 — Rynite® FR530
 Dielectric strength — Rynite® 935
R150 R250R340
 High CTI, V-0 — Rynite® FR531----R380 
 Encapsulation — Rynite®
 FR530, 530HTE
E101N E200N E300 

Case Studies:

Axial fan parts

Patented technology RF200 motor features lighter weight, higher efficiency

Motor incorporating DuPont™ Rynite® PET resin has efficiency of up to 80%. » Learn More
encapsulated solenoid valve
Switch to Rynite® PET Streamlines Valve Production
By switching from potted epoxy to DuPont™ Rynite® PET resin, the manufacturer was able to speed up encapsulation production, which lowered manufacturing costs. » More
encapsulated solenoid valve
New valve solenoids push reliability up, costs down
Solenoids made using DuPont™ Rynite® PET resin for both the coil bobbin and the outer encapsulating shell offer improved durability and better resistance to moisture. » Learn More