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DuPont EKC Technology

EKC Technology, Inc., part of DuPont Electronics and Communications, is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in the manufacturing of wafers for the semiconductor and related industries.  EKC owns various semiconductor manufacturing processes and supplies a complete line of chemistry used in the Back End of Line (BEOL) for advanced interconnect applications.

We invite you to explore our offerings and let us know how we can provide a process solution to meet your specific needs.

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ProductsOur products range from pure removers for traditional bulk photoresist to those used for resist and residue removal in the most advanced low-k dielectric layers patterned with Deep UV materials.ยป More 

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Removers for LED Fabrication
Removers for LED Fabrication

DuPont EKC Technology has developed a range of solutions formulated for the removal of photoresists and residues for light emitting diodes (LEDs).

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