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Research Triangle Park, NC, September 23, 2008

DuPont Electronic Technologies Expands Wafer Level Packaging Solutions

New Emphasis Strengthens Portfolio and Product Development for Emerging 3D/TSV Applications

Contact: Ellen Pressley

DuPont Electronic Technologies has announced a new expansion focused on material solutions for wafer level packaging (WLP) and emerging three dimensional (3D) and Through Silicon Via (TSV) semiconductor packaging applications.  In addition to its existing offerings for WLP, DuPont is developing new products, new partnerships and is expanding its technical capability to support the growing global demand for advanced materials in the semiconductor industry.

“Our goal is to reduce customer cycle time for new process development and implementation by offering innovative, tested and compatible material sets based on technology from across DuPont as well as in cooperation with our strategic industry partners,” said Mats J. Ehlin, global business manager -- DuPont Wafer Level Packaging.   “The semiconductor packaging market is recognized as a strategic area of growth within DuPont, and we’re excited about expanding our portfolio of WLP solutions to enable new advanced packaging designs.”

DuPont’s growing WLP Solutions product portfolio currently includes advanced removable and permanent dry film photoresists, compatible remover and cleaner chemistries, as well as HD Microsystems™ liquid polyimide and PBO materials for redistribution layers, bonding, stress buffer and dielectric applications.

DuPont has recently introduced the following products for wafer level packaging applications:

  • DuPont™ WBR 2000 series dry film photoresists, which are well-suited for multi-purpose use, including in-via and mushroom plating, photostenciling and copper pillar metallization.   Unlike liquid resists, DuPont™ WBR 2000 Series dry film photoresists do not require drying of solvents and can be applied in a single uniform layer across the entire wafer, with no edge bead.   These properties enable higher productivity and yields, particularly for those manufacturers that require thicker layers, which are more difficult to produce with liquid resists.
  • DuPont™ EKC162™ photoresist remover for TSV and WLP for copper pillar and solder bump applications.   It efficiently removes and dissolves DuPont dry films faster and at lower temperatures than typical removers without attacking polyimide or metal layers.

These new integrated wafer level packaging solutions, together with the existing line of redistribution dielectrics, provide a tested and proven solution for area array package requirements, whether stencil printed, plated, pillared or C4 applied.

In addition, the product roadmap includes material solutions for planarization, through silicon via creation, cavity packaging and thin wafer handling.  The company soon expects to formally introduce new DuPont™ PerMX3000 high performance photodielectric dry film, which offers true low temperature curing (150°C), and excellent adhesion to silicon and glass, meeting the needs in image sensor and cavity packaging, as well as 3D wafer to wafer or chip to wafer bonding applications.

DuPont is also expanding its capability to enhance and accelerate the development of new materials for the global wafer level packaging market.  Further details will be announced before year end.

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