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HAYWARD, Calif., June 8, 2010

DuPont EKC Technology & SVTC Collaborate on MEMs Integration for Cavendish Kinetics

Fast Growing Market Demands Enhanced Cleaning Technologies

Contact: Ellen Pressley

DuPont EKC Technology Inc. (EKC) has announced collaborative efforts with independent development foundry, SVTC Technologies to implement EKC’s wet processing based cleaning technologies and formulations in the fabrication of Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) for Cavendish Kinetics.  MEMS is a fast growing area with unique requirements, where advanced wet processing cleaning solutions are critical.  The integration of technologies and formulations demonstrated to Cavendish Kinetics are now being implemented in scale-up activities underway at SVTC’s San Jose, Calif. facility.

“The support of and interaction with innovative companies like Cavendish Kinetics is an important part of SVTC’s business model, and it is exciting to work with DuPont EKC Technology to help better meet Cavendish Kinetics’ needs,” said Wilbur Catabay, vice president of technology and engineering -- SVTC.  “We look forward to future collaborative efforts with Cavendish Kinetics and EKC to continue enabling novel integration approaches for MEMS large-scale manufacturing.”

By leveraging its expertise in formulated chemistries for semiconductor device fabrication – EKC’s primary market - EKC demonstrated to Cavendish Kinetics the use of its process technologies and formulations in certain key process steps related to MEMS fabrication.  Cavendish Kinetics is a customer of both EKC and SVTC. 

“Our process technology is right on track to meet the market needs of our customers,” said Damian Lacey, head of process technology development -- Cavendish Kinetics. “This integration will provide us with the needed technology at fast cycle times and production-like process controls which are key to MEMS technology development.”

Industry estimates indicate that the MEMS market will grow at double-digit rates over the next several years, and the fabrication of MEMS is challenging since many of its processes preclude the use of plasma treatments for cleaning or the removal of organic films.  Wet process technology is vital to enable and enhance device performance and yield with low cost of ownership for MEMS components.

“DuPont EKC Technology is putting science to work to develop wet chemistry processing technologies to help our MEMS customers succeed,” said Douglas Holmes, global business segment leader – DuPont EKC Technology.  “Supporting an emerging and innovative organization like Cavendish Kinetics, and collaborating with SVTC in its pioneering business model of technology development is rewarding, as these types of collaborations continue to advance the science behind our solutions.”

DuPont EKC Technology, Inc., part of DuPont Electronics and Communications, is the leading manufacturer of patent specialty chemicals used in the manufacturing of wafers for the semiconductor and related industries.  For more information on DuPont EKC Technology, please visit

SVTC Technologies provides development and commercialization services for innovative semiconductor process-based technologies and products, cost-effectively and in an IP-secure manner. Through facilities in San Jose, California, and Austin, Texas, SVTC serves customers in rapidly growing markets such as novel memory, novel transistors, logic, MEMS, biotechnology, image sensors and photovoltaics. SVTC offers a suite of leading-edge equipment and services, including full-scale 8-inch and 12-inch process capabilities, advanced CMOS and non-CMOS equipment, analytical services, development support tools and commercialization services. SVTC is ISO 9001 and ITAR registered. SVTC's investors include Oak Hill Capital Partners, Tallwood Venture Capital and the company's management and employees. SVTC Technologies is an equal opportunity employer. More information can be found at

Cavendish Kinetics is an RF MEMS company that has developed 3rd generation MEMS technology.  Its proprietary NanoMech™ MEMS platform dramatically reduces the cost of MEMS components by reducing their size and eliminating expensive MEMS packaging. Cavendish is developing MEMS based RF components that will help enable the next generation of high speed wireless data and voice communication.  For more information, contact

DuPont is a science-based products and services company.  Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere.  Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.


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