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HAYWARD, Calif., March 15, 2011

DuPont EKC Technology Expert to Present at SPCC

Dr. David J. Maloney, Business Development Manager Emerging Segments, DuPont EKC Technology, and a leading authority on cleaners and removers for advanced semiconductor fabrication, will deliver a key technical training course on surface conditioning fundamentals and applications on March 21 in conjunction with the SEMATECH Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference (SPCC). SPCC, scheduled March 21-23, 2011, is an annual event which brings together prominent researchers from the semiconductor industry and the university community to focus on the current developments and ITRS challenges in advanced wafer and mask cleaning and surface preparation technologies for the 16 nm node and beyond.

Dr. Maloney recently authored a chapter in the "Handbook of Cleaning for Semiconductor Manufacturing: Fundamentals and Applications," edited by Karen A. Reinhardt and Richard F. Reidy. The book provides an in-depth discussion of the fundamentals of cleaning and surface conditioning of semiconductor applications such as high-k/metal gate cleaning, copper/low-k cleaning, high dose implant stripping, and silicon and SiGe passivation. The chapter, authored by Dr. Maloney, is titled, "BEOL: Aluminum Post Etch Cleaning."

Dr. Maloney also has co-authored over 40 publications and patents during his 15 years in the industry while at DuPont EKC Technology. Visit to learn more.