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Post-CMP Cleaners

DuPont™ EKC™ PCMP5600 Series post-CMP copper
interconnect cleaner
DuPont™ EKC™ PCMP5600 Series is a high volume, post-CMP copper interconnect cleaner required in the manufacturing of advanced semiconductor devices. It features high pH formulations for Cu BEOL and can be used with various barrier slurries.

It offers the following capabilities:

  • Excellent particle removal capability
  • Advanced barrier metals and dielectric compatibility
  • Improved Cu static etch and lower surface roughness
  • Contains Copper Oxidation Barrier (COB) functionality
  • Excellent capability to remove BTA and other organics
  • TMAH free
  • Enhanced COO with high dilution design

EKC PCMP5510™ for Copper Post-CMP Cleaning EKC PCMP5510™ offers a manufacturing-proven, low cost-of-ownership copper post CMP cleaner featuring a neutral pH formulation for Cu BEOL. This single chemistry solution can be used with acidic or basic barrier slurries; provides very low defectivity on copper and low-k surfaces; offers enhanced compatibility with sensitive low-k films; and can be used with advanced barrier films with excellent corrosion resistance. EKC PCMP5510™ offers flexibility in dilution to meet low cost-of-ownership targets for all equipment cleaning modules. » Find Out More