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PlasmaSolv® Products - HDA® Technology

EKC245™EKC245™ is specifically designed to clean post-etch residues generated during the volume production of high capacity DRAM devices. It is also used to clean HBr-etched polysilicon and is able to remove residues after metal etch.

EKC265™EKC265™ was the initial product in the PlasmaSolv® series formulated to remove photoresist residue generated after etch processes. It is effective with or without oxygen ash processing.

EKC270™EKC270™ is a post-etch residue remover with improved Ti compatibility. It is formulated to remove ashed photoresist residue, organic polymer, and organometallic etch residue while maintaining optimum metal stack integrity.

EKC270™-TEKC270™-T is an aqueous/organic mixture designed to remove post-etch or post-ash residues on conventional Al/Cu interconnect designs.