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Removers for LED Fabrication

DuPont EKC Technology offers a specific line of wet chemistries for LED manufacturing,which is growing quickly as we continue to forge new relationships with LED chipmakers on a global scale.

The production of LED dies can require a variety of wet chemical treatments, and DuPont EKC Technology has put its science to work in formulating solutions for the LED industry designed to enable removal of positive- and negative-tone photoresists as well as plasma-hardened residues, and which are compatible with a wide variety of metals required to form LED contacts.


EKC162™ plasma and photoresist residue remover – copper compatible
Formulated to remove the most challenging organic- and plasma-based residues at low operating temperatures. Water-rinsable. Compatible with gallium arsenide (GaAs).

EKC175™ plasma and photoresist residue remover – aluminum compatible
Provides fast and efficient removal of plasma-basedresidues as photoresist. Water-rinsable.

EKC830™ positive tone photoresist remover
Photoresist removal product specifically targeted for positive-tone photoresists. Compatible with anexceptionally broad array of metals.

EKC922™ negative tone photoresist remover
Photoresist removal product specifically targeted for negative-tone photoresists. Compatible with gallium arsenide (GaAs) and an exceptionally broad array of metals.

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Guidelines for selection of Optimal Cleaning Solutions 

Guidelines for Selection of Optimal Cleaning Solutions 

* Please consult with an EKC engineer about 1) metal compatibility, 2) process condition and 3) tool compatibility.