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Wafer Level Packaging Photoresist Removers & TSV Cleaners

EKC162™ WLP photo resist remover and the new WBR 2000 dry film resist were co-developed to work with the HD MicroSystems PI and PBO redistribution dielectrics to take the burden of lengthy qualification / integration of products off the customers' shoulders.

  • Water rinseable semi-aqueous remover
  • Co designed with DuPont WB Series Dry Film to strip in half the time of competitive strippers
  • Fully Compatible with HD Microsystems PI & PBO redistribution dielectrics
  • Strips at process temperature much lower than competition
  • Capable of removing + 100 micron thick film
  • Extended bathlife
  • Easy rework of partially stripped resist
  • Wet bench and spray tool compatible
  • Pb/Sn, Sn/Ag, Cu, Ni, TiW compatible
  • POR for production of high end logic devices
  • Ability to rework uncured HD MicroSystems PI & PBO material 

DuPont WBR Series Dry Film

Cu bump

PbSn Bump

Ni Bump

Au Bump Pad

Liquid Resist

PbSn Over plated Bump


DuPont MX5000 Series Dry Film for TSV

DuPont MX5000 seires Dry Film for TSV