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Introducing the DuPont™ Arc-Guide

This European approach to electrical arc risk assessment is a web-based service offering for electrical duty holders in companies who are in need to comply with EU directives on risk assessment and want to create a safer working environment.

The DuPont™ Arc-Guide will help you understand, evaluate and reduce the severities and consequences of electrical arc hazards, and is organized into the 4P approach: Predict, Prevent, Protect, and Publish.

The DuPont™ Arc-Guide Support Desk

The DuPont™ Arc-Guide Support Desk is a pool of knowledgeable individuals that are able to provide expert support to the guide subscriber throughout the 4P process. This would include risk assessment support (Prediction, Prevention, Protection and Publish), website support and general customer service.
The guide subscriber can contact the Support Desk at any time during the validity of his/her license.

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