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The European Approach to Electrical Arc Risk Assessment

Electrical arc, and the resulting arc flash, is one of the deadliest and least understood hazards of electricity, and is prevalent in many industrial situations. Although legislation requires businesses to perform risk assessments for all work activities, electrical arc is often overlooked because most people are unsure how to assess and manage this hazard effectively.

DuPont has developed a European approach to electrical arc risk assessment with a team of experts including DuPont Engineering Technology, DuPont Personal Protection, and external independent experts in electrical arc.

The result of this team effort is the DuPont™ Arc-Guide to help you understand, evaluate and reduce the severities and consequences of electrical arc hazards. This guide is organized into the “4P” approach: Predict, Prevent, Protect and Publish.
What is Arc Flash?
What is Arc Flash?
Learn more about the risk associated with electrical arc.
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Risk assessment
Risk Assessment
Learn more about the principles of electrical arc risk assessment.
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Arc guide
Learn more about the scope, purpose and benefits of the DuPont™ Arc-Guide.
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The seminar
DuPont Events
Find out more about DuPont’s approach to electrical arc risk assessment at our events.
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About us
About DuPont
Find out more about DuPont, DuPont Engineering and the DuPont personal protection divisions.
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