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Risk Assessment

A hazard refers to anything that has the potential to cause harm. In the case of electrical arc, the potential to cause harm will vary depending on many factors. A risk is the likelihood- high or low - that someone/something might be harmed by the hazard.

Risk assessment is defined by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work as the process of evaluating risks to worker’s safety and health from workplace hazards. It is a systematic examination of all aspects of work that considers:

a. what could cause injury or harm
b. whether the hazards could be eliminated and, if not,
c. what preventive or protective measures are, or should be, in place to control the risks.

At DuPont, we use the "4P" approach to risk assessment.
Safeguard your workers by predicting the severity of arc flash hazard so you can assess and manage risk more effectively.
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Look at ways to prevent arc flash from occurring and endangering your workers.
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When prevention is not enough, protective measures such as PPE may be required.
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Employ training measures and publish labels to warn workers of high levels of incident energy and risk of arc flash injury.
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