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Electrical Insulation Systems

Welcome to Axalta Coating Systems Energy Solutions - Voltatex®

Welcome to Axalta Coating Systems, formerly DuPont Performance Coatings.  On February 1 Axalta Coating Systems became an independent company - the only global company focused 100% on liquid and powder coatings.  Axalta will continue to provide the same products and services that you received in the past and build on our more than 145 years of experience in the coatings industry.

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 The Voltatex® products create value for the customers as they evolved from three complementary strategies:

  1. reducing the environmental footprint.
    In line with our core values and mission of sustainability, increasingly products are based on non-depletable resources, enable the reduction of emissions during application and actively advance product life-cycle requirements.
  2. driving break-through product innovation.
    Building on two centuries of experience as a science company, DuPont continue investing intensively in R&D in order to drive discovery of unique materials and development of novel application methods which together will lead to more sophisticated electrical insulation systems.
  3. creating total system solutions.
    The complete solutions establish new performance benchmarks, offer further design flexibility and reduce overall costs. The smart combination of compatible products and the efficient coordination of complex processes require close cooperation between the various partners along the entire value chain.

Impregnating Resins

Voltatex® Impregnating Resins offer a wide range of products. 



Wire Enamels

Voltatex® Wire Enamels cover a vast spectrum of product requirements. 



Core Sheet Varnishes

The family of Voltatex® products offers a comprehensive range of Core Sheet Varnishes with well defined characteristrics. 



NEWS: New developed solar car "PowerCore SunCruiser"

Cooperation with Hochschule Bochum referring the insulation of a new developed electrical motor for the solar car "PowerCore SunCruiser" with our Impregnating Resin Voltatex® 4250



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