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Corona resistant systems in the Voltatex® product portfolio


To meet the different requirements regarding corona resistance, DuPont™ Voltatex® offer tailored Voltron® Systems under the new product family based on the brand Voltatex®:


Voltron® Systems


Voltron® Systems is suitable for specific industry and application requirements where high corona resistance of magnet wire dielectrics is required.


Below you find an overview of the new nomenclature and the details regarding:


  •  the selected Voltatex® Wire Enamels
  •  the ratio between the selected Voltatex® Wire Enamels
  •  the recommended number of passes
  •  the magnet wire ranges and dimensions


The properties according to the technical data sheet are:


  • increase in diameter acc. to IEC 60317-0-1 = grade 2 upper half of defined range
  • centricity acc. to IEC 60317-0-1, preferable 1 : 1,2
  • excellent copper quality
  • tangens delta: 185°C – 200°C




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