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DuPont Electrocoat

Product Advantages

DuPont™ CorMax® electrocoat is based on a patented cathodic epoxy-isocyanate technology. It delivers a superior corrosion resistant coating that has a robust operating window and is user friendly.

Key features and benefits:

  • Excellent throw power. Patented, highly efficient “ionization” technology improves throw power to coat difficult to reach places where complex part configuration and high rack densities are present.
  • Excellent edge protection. Uses the latest in polymer development to resist edge corrosion on parts where sharp edges are present due to forming or fabricating.
  • Superior corrosion resistance. Meets or exceeds the most rigorous specification requirements for salt spray and various accelerated corrosion tests.
  • Highly efficient and controllable. Precise film build over complex metal shapes and rack densities delivers the optimum interior and exterior coverage. Low temperature curing technologies reduce energy consumption.
  • Process friendly. Formulated for excellent product stability and ultra filter performance. Low operating costs through reduced filter bags, operator intervention and monitoring.
  • Environmentally responsible. Lead free, HAPS Free, and low VOC formulations. IMDS listed.