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DuPont Electrocoat


In today’s ultra-competitive global economy, you need a coatings partner you can trust. At DuPont Industrial CoatingSolutions, we’re committed to helping you find new ways to optimize your cost per unit—without sacrificing quality. We put our extensive process expertise to work to help you increase productivity with a full line of innovative electrocoat coating technologies—so you can get to market faster, decrease costs and maximize your operational efficiency.

Our team includes some of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the coatings business. Our system engineers can assist with launch and system design and optimization; our onsite sales and technical representatives can help you improve overall yield and cost position; and our lab technicians provide complete analytical capabilities.

Contact us to learn how our dedicated team can help you find new ways to improve productivity and reduce overall costs—so you can deliver superior quality products while also increasing profits.