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Mobile Devices

Materials Solutions for Displays for Cell Phone Handsets and Mobile Applications

Materials solutions for flexible circuit interconnects, display performanceenhancements, and PET and PEN films for LCD and flexible displays manufacture.

Flexible circuit materials
Pyralux® flexible circuits
Available in a broad range of copper clad constructions; use a wide variety of base dielectrics to provide interconnects for display driver circuitry devices as well as flexible interconnects for clamshell and slider phones, and other mobile devices such a digital cameras.  These laminates are available in either adhesive based or adhesiveless form.
Pyralux® polyimide laminates 
Enhanced display performance
Vertak&trade' Bonding Technology 
High performance adhesive and proven bonding processes that optimize the viewability and durability of LCD displays for cell phone handsets and mobile devices.  Benefits include improved sunlight readability, anti-reflective and anti-smudge. Vertak™ bonding technology 
PET Films for Displays
PET Films for Displays 
Wide range of polyester films for display and electronics applications.  The DuPont Teijin Films™  joint venture is a leading global manufacturer of PET and PEN films for display applications. Melinex® PET polyester film, Mylar® PET polyester film, Teijin™ Tetoron™ PET polyester film  
PEN films for flexible displays and electronics
PEN Films for Displays 
Surface-engineered, optical quality film for the most demanding flexible display and electronics applications. The DuPont Teijin Films™  joint venture is a leading global manufacturer of PET and PEN films for display applications. Teonex® PEN polyester film 
AMOLED Technology  
AMOLED Technology 
DuPont research has developed a breakthrough solution-processed AMOLED technology designed to reduce AMOLED manufacturing costs;  providing proprietary small molecule OLED materials for solution processing that can meet the challenge of commercial quality color coordinates, efficiency, and lifetime.  Solution Process AMOLED technology, OLED materials set 
Advanced Composite Reflector (ACR)  
Advanced Composite Reflector 
Advanced composite reflector (ACR) films are used in LCD backlights to improve overall LCD display performance while reducing cost and power consumption. Made from microfiber nonwoven composite materials, these films have intrinsically high reflectivity, high light diffusivity and excellent UV stability to reduce material costs, enhance display luminance and significantly improve display uniformity and UV stability over incumbent PET-based reflectors. Optilon™ Advanced Composite Reflectors (ACR)