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Materials Solutions for Electronic Systems Solutions for Cell Phone Handsets and Mobile Applications

Materials solutions for electronic interconenct and packaging technology for cell phone handsets and mobile devices, including flexible circuit materials, polyimide films, LTCC materials, embedded passive materials, and leading edge solutions for wafer level packaging.

Flexible circuit materials
Pyralux® flexible circuits 
Available in a broad range of copper clad constructions, using a wide variety of base dielectrics to provide interconnects for display driver circuitry in mobile devices as well as flexible interconnects for clamshell and slider phones, and other mobile devices such a digital cameras.  These laminates are available in either adhesive based or adhesiveless form.
Pyralux® polyimide laminate
Polyimide films
Unique combination of properties make polyimide films ideal for a variety of applications, including cell phone and other mobile devices; maintains its properties over a wide temperature range. Kapton® polyimide film 
Embedded passive materials
Interra™ embedded passive materials
By embedding the passive components, such as capacitors and resistors, designers of cell phone handsets and mobile applications can free up valuable space, improve board reliability, and  realize cost and inventory savings. Interra™ embedded passive materials 
Wafer level packaging solutions
Wafer Level Packaging
Integrated material sets reduce cycle times for development and implementation of new packaging solutions, including flip chip, wafer level, 3D/TSV (through silicon via) and SiP (System in Package) solutions for cell phone handsets and mobile applications. DuPont materials include advanced dry film photoresists, removers and cleaners, high performance dielectrics, and electronic gases. HD MicroSystems™ high purity polyimide and PBO coatings, DuPont™ MX Series thin dry film photoresists, DuPont EKC Technology Dry Film Remover 
LTCC for RF modules  
GreenTape™ Low Temperature Co-fired ceramic solutions for RF modules and high density interconnects for wireless applications.  GreenTape™ Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic Materials 
PET and PEN films for key pads
PET and PEN films for Keypads 
Wide range of polyester films for keypad applications in cell phone handsets and mobile devices.  Applications include circuitry, graphics and spacer layers.  The DuPont Teijin Films™  joint venture is a leading global manufacturer of PET and PEN films for display applications. Melinex® PET polyester film, Mylar® PET polyester film, Teijin™ Tetoron™ PET polyester film, Teonex® PEN polyester film 
Dry film photoresists for PCBs
DuPont photoresists and phototools are key in the fabrication of printed circuit boards for wireless and mobile applications.   Our broad portfolio of materials enable high yield, productivity, and ease of use in all imaging applications. Riston® dry film photoresist
Semiconductor Fabrication Materials  
Semiconductor fabrication Materials 
Offering a broad portfolio of innovative materials and advanced process expertise for semiconductor manaufacturer. Includes wet, clean, and surface preparation solvents and removers, post clean surface treatments, dry chamber cleaning gases, plasma etch solutions for etch and clean processes, slurries for chemical mechanical planarization, polyimide films for stress buffers, and polymers for photoresist.  Variety of fabrication materials for processes, equipment, and support systems