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Mobile Devices

Materials Solutions for Power and Energy Systems Used in Cell Phone Handsets and Mobile Applications

Materials Solutions for security, and brand protection, fuel cell components, and new technology to make Lithium  batteries safer and more reliable.

Anti-counterfeiting and brand protection  
DuPont delivers science based products and services for anti-counterfeiting, security, identification and brand protection.  Authentication solutions from DuPont are already being used to protect the cell phone handset industry from counterfeit batteries.
Izon® authentication technology
Fuel cell power sources for cell phone handsets
Fuel cell 
DuPont partners with industry leaders to create customized fuel cell solutions from Nafion® membranes and dispersions to multi-layer membrane electrode assemblies. Nafion® membranes and dispersions, DuPont fuel cell components  
Separators for Lithium batteries  
Lithium battery seperators

New technology to improve the stability, performance and reliability of Lithium batteries used in cell phone handsets and mobile applications. Nanofiber separators