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Used alone or compounded with other resins, DuPont™ Elvaloy® copolymers add performance in areas such as flexibility, toughness, weatherability and “soft touch.”

Elvaloy® AC resins

DuPont™ Elvaloy® AC acrylate copolymers can be processed easily on conventional equipment used by packaging film converters and offer melt strength and thermal stability advantages versus other similar copolymers.  As a result, these resins can be used for improved soft touch or drape, without sacrificing service temperatures or processing ease.

Highly compatible with low-density polyethylene (LDPE), these resins easily bond to various polar and non-polar substrates.

Elvaloy® AC resins also can be used to boost the physical performance of other materials, such as adding low-temperature toughness to CPET trays or improving the formability or handling characteristics of films or sheet materials.

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Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

ethylene methyl-acrylates (EMAs)
  ethylene ethyl-acrylates (EEAs)
  ethylene butyl-acrylates (EBAs)
Elvaloy® AC 1125 MSDS    Elvaloy® AC 2112 MSDS    Elvaloy® AC 3117  MSDS 
Elvaloy® AC 1209 MSDS   Elvaloy® AC 2116  MSDS   Elvaloy® AC 3217  MSDS
Elvaloy® AC 1218 MSDS   Elvaloy® AC 2618 MSDS   Elvaloy® AC 3427  MSDS
Elvaloy® AC 1224 MSDS   Elvaloy® AC 2615    Elvaloy® AC 3717  MSDS
Elvaloy® AC 1330 MSDS        Elvaloy® AC 34035  MSDS
Elvaloy® AC 1609 MSDS          
Elvaloy® AC 1820 MSDS            
Elvaloy® AC 1913 MSDS            
Elvaloy® AC 12024S  MSDS            
Elvaloy® AC 15024S  MSDS