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Used alone or compounded with other resins, DuPont™ Elvaloy® copolymers add performance in areas such as flexibility, toughness, weatherability and “soft touch.”

Elvaloy® Polymer Modifiers

For additional data, including proprietary or developmental grades, and to confirm product availability in your geographic region, please contact your local DuPont representative. To contact DuPont by phone, refer to our list of offices around the world.

Data Sheet MSDS
Elvaloy® HP4051  Elvaloy® HP 4051 
Elvaloy® HP441 Elvaloy® HP441
Elvaloy® HP661 Elvaloy® HP661
Elvaloy® HP662 Elvaloy® HP662
Elvaloy® PTW  Elvaloy® PTW 
Elvaloy® 741  Elvaloy® 741 
Elvaloy® 741WR 
Elvaloy® 742  Elvaloy® 742 
Elvaloy® 4924 Elvaloy® 4924