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Used alone or compounded with other resins, DuPont™ Elvaloy® copolymers add performance in areas such as flexibility, toughness, weatherability and “soft touch.”

Products and Properties

Explore Elvaloy® ethylene copolymers in the families below. Download grade lists, product properties (data sheets) and materials safety data (MSD).

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Elvaloy® AC acrylate copolymers

Elvaloy® AC acrylate copolymers include butyl-, ethyl-, and methyl-acrylate (EBA, EEA and EMA) resins for molding, extrusion and extrusion coating.



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Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifiers

Elvaloy® RET (reactive elastomeric terpolymer) helps make asphalt pavements more resilient, for longer-lasting wear surfaces with less rutting.



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Elvaloy® KEE for roofing
Elvaloy® KEE for roofing membranes

As a permanent flexibilizer for PVC, DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE resins helps roofing system manufacturers offer tough, pliable, chemically-resistant single ply membranes. 



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Elvaloy® polymer modifiers

Elvaloy® and Elvaloy® HP copolymers are used most often for modifying (typically flexibilizing) other polymers including PVC, ABS, and PET.



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