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Inherently flexible, tough and clear, Elvax® resins also can be molded or extruded into soft plastic goods including hoses and tubes, formulated into hot melt adhesives, or used in plastics compounding, wire and cable insulation, and solar cell encapsulants.

Glass stopper with DuPont™ Elvax® ring seals wine without aftertaste

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Application Description

Vino-Lok, a glass stopper with a sealing ring made of DuPont™ Elvax® eythylene-vinyl acetate and developed by Alcoa Deutschland, is on its way to replacing traditional cork seals, particularly on finer wines. Its decisive advantage: the much-feared corking of the wine is no longer possible, and neither the glass nor the Elvax® produces an aftertaste or odor. Vino-Lok is aesthetically pleasing and can be easily opened without the use of other implements - the protective cap is removed and the stopper is pulled out by hand - and sits tightly in the bottle when reinserted.

Fitted securely in a circular groove on the glass stopper, the Elvax® sealing ring, which is virtually unobtrusive due to its transparency, plays a decisive role in sealing the bottle tightly. The highly-elastic, durable, halogen- and plasticizer-free polymer is insoluble in alcohol and resistant to weak acids and other wine constituents. Furthermore, Elvax® is absolutely without aftertaste; seals in screw-caps, made of the same material, and used for many years in the bottling of particularly taste-sensitive mineral water, prove this point.

Thanks to its high flexibility, the Elvax® sealing rings can be pulled over the glass stoppers during an automated production process, ensuring that it is put reliably and securely in place. As there is no sticking in the bottleneck, the glass plug of the Vino-Lok can still be pulled from the bottle by hand and without extra force, even after years of storage.

Commenting on the new Vino-Lok bottle-stopper, Dr. Alex Michalsky from the wine-growing estate St. Antony, Nierstein (Germany), said: "Corking and leakage will be a thing of the past. This really is an attractive stopper which complements the fine contents of the bottles."

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Just like the glass stopper which forms part of the Vino-Lok bottle-stopper, developed by Alcoa, Germany, the sealing ring made of DuPont™ Elvax® leaves no aftertaste.