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Nomex® Paper & Pressboard

Our line of Nomex® electrical insulation paper includes papers and pressboards. Built to withstand a substantial temperature range, Nomex® paper can help you design top-quality motors, generators and transformers. We offer a complete portfolio of high-performance insulation solutions engineered for outstanding performance and reliability.

A unique combination of properties gives Nomex® superior characteristics, making it ideally suited for electrical insulation applications. The advantages of Nomex® papers include:

  • Inherent dielectric strength
  • Mechanical toughness
  • Thermal stability
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Flame resistance
  • Moisture insensitivity
  • Cryogenic capability
  • Radiation resistance
  • Nontoxic formulation

Nomex® Paper

Whatever the temperature required by your motor, generator or transformer, look to the full line of Nomex® papers for insulation in electrical applications.



Nomex® Pressboard

If you have specific design needs, our pressboards have mechanical properties that work across many applications.