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We invite you to read case studies that demonstrate how companies can remain on the cutting edge of their industries with the help of the latest innovations and technologies found in Nomex® electrical insulation products.

Customer: ABB

ABB landed a contract for 110 traction transformers to be installed on Italy’s latest generation of high-tech trains. ABB chose to insulate the transformer conductors with Nomex® paper, and the cooling ducts in the high-voltage section are made from Nomex® pressboard.

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Customer: Amtrak/Acela

Because of its ability to withstand electrical loads, and due to its mechanical strength, thermal stability, chemical compatibility, longevity and flame-resistance, Nomex® paper and pressboard was the obvious choice for high-speed train traction transformers in North America’s fastest train.

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Customer: Brithinee Electric

Brithinee Electric builds customer confidence and business growth with a no-compromise demand for quality and exclusive use of Nomex® paper and laminates for more than 25 years.

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Customer: CG Power Systems

10 years of close collaboration between DuPont and CG Power Systems allowed the development and installation of 6'000 SLIM® Tranformer Units.

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Customer: Darby Electric

By providing the most advanced materials available, Nomex® papers and laminates have helped Darby Electric maintain its leadership in technology innovation.

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Customer: EDF

When designing transformers that will operate close to population centers, such as schools, hospitals, or office buildings, special consideration must be given to operational safety. That’s why EDF chose Nomex® sheet insulation material for its transformers.

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Customer: Elsam Electric

The Nordex N90 is one of the largest offshore wind turbines in the world -- and its upper nacelle features a liquid-filled Pauwels SLIM transformer. Nomex® technology helps the transformer handle major overloads without severe damage or failure.

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Customer: ESB Contracts Ltd. Wind Farm

Pauwels SLIM transformers are known for their compact design, which enables them to be installed and replaced in challenging locations. Nomex® thermal protective solutions offer high reliability without detracting from the transformer’s compact dimensions.

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Customer: Flanders Electric

Nomex® paper meets the high standards of Flanders Electric and its customers.

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Customer: FMV

The French designer and manufacturer of industrial ventilators, FMV, replaced its existing insulation with Nomex® paper. This decision was made as part of an effort to improve the reliability and endurance of the engines.

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Customer: Gaz Electricité de Grenoble

Gaz Electricité de Grenoble’s transformer was in a highly populated area, making size and noise emission a major concern. Nomex® thermal technology was the basis for this innovative transformer hybrid insulation system.

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Customer: Hitachi

By using Nomex® instead of epoxy powder coating, Hitachi reduced their electric consumption to one-seventh of their old levels and also benefit from better insulation uniformity and higher productivity.

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Customer: Hyundai

When Hyundai set out to design a mobile transformer, its greatest challenge was getting the maximum power out of the smallest, lightest-weight package. Nomex® paper’s greater efficiency, per unit of weight, provided the solution for Hyundai’s transformer problem.

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Customer: Los Conce SA

In Latin America, where electric power consumption has been growing faster than the economy, transformers up-rated with Nomex® insulation offer increased flexibility for an electrical network that demands constant attention to growth.

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Customer: Mistral Energie

Nomex® is helping improve the reliability, operational life, performance and fire resistance of Pauwels compact solutions for wind power generation.

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Customer: Pauwels

Utilities across the world are relying on Pauwels mobile transformers, using Nomex® thermal-resistant insulation to ensure continuously reliable service wherever the fixed network requires a quick patch.

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Customer: RAPT

RAPT chose Pauwels transformers for the Paris Metro. Pauwel's innovative SLIM® design was created with Nomex® insulation, which enables them to achieve the critical compact size and overload potential the RAPT requires.

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Customer: SOREA

Discover how Nomex® paper helped meet the challenge set by SOREA to fulfil an urgent need for a compact and non-intrusive new power substation in the ski resort of Valloire (France).

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Customer: Southwest Electric Company; Niagara Mohawk Power Company (NIMO)

Find out how NIMO’s awareness of the up-rate with Nomex® option turned a story of failed transformers into a startling success.

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Customer: WEG Motors

WEG Motors, producing more than six million motors per year, sought the safest, most reliable, heat-resistant product for their customers. WEG Motors chose a Nomex® laminate for phase and slot insulation of its newest motor line.

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Rapidly growing demand for transportation in China puts a high value on the reliability of power equipment under extreme overload conditions. Yunnan Transformer Co. chose Nomex® insulation in a range of liquid-filled transformers with hybrid insulation systems.

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