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In the 40 years since we first developed the original Nomex® paper for electrical insulation, DuPont has developed an amazing array of new products for the electrical industry, including, Mylar® polyester filmKapton® polyimide filmTeflon®Zytel® and Rynite® resinsVoltron® wire enamel, and many more. Our laboratories are constantly researching new applications.

DuPont is always at work developing new and modified products to satisfy increasing needs for the electrical industry. We’re committed to working with our customers to better understand their needs and help them design improved product solutions. For example, our engineers are teaming with automobile manufacturers to further develop the motors of their all electric and hybrid electric vehicles. We’re also working with wind turbine manufacturers to create insulation systems they can use today and in the future.

By continuously expanding process capability, we can develop new product variations, as well as new sheet constructions. We encourage you to share your needs with your local DuPont representative. This will allow us to help you identify or develop a suitable product to match your specific requirements.

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