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Motors and Generators


For virtually any motor, generator or transformer application, DuPont Nomex® paper can help increase reliability and extend the life of your electrical equipment. The superior thermal properties of Nomex® can help prevent premature motor failure and costly equipment downtime.

This is due to the fact that Nomex® papers and pressboard materials do not shrink, embrittle, soften or melt during short term exposure to temperatures as high as 300°C, and because it maintains good insulating properties continuously at 220°C for 10 years.

Equally important, the strength and resilience of Nomex® papers and pressboards add durability to rotating equipment, even in severe operating conditions. Such conditions include the extreme shock and vibration experienced in steel mill drives and railway traction motors, as well as the abrasion caused by thermal expansion and centrifugal forces in standby gas-turbine generators.

Emerging green technologies are also benefiting from the protective properties of Nomex®. DuPont engineers are currently working with leading wind turbine and hybrid automobile manufacturers to develop Nomex®-based insulation for their specific applications.

As a result of its outstanding thermal protection and boosted mechanical toughness, Nomex® insulation is used in all types of rotating equipment, from AC and DC to random and form-wound, in sizes from miniature servo motors to 13.6kV industrial drives and 150MW steam-turbine generators. Some examples of fabricated parts using Nomex® papers and pressboards are listed below:

  • Slot liners
  • Wedges, midsticks and topsticks
  • Phase insulation
  • Conductor wrap
  • Coil wrap and interleaving

From a manufacturing perspective, Nomex® papers and pressboards offer several additional advantages including one product line for all needs, reduced slot liner damage and reduced tooling cost.

Motor Repair

Nomex® Paper used for electrical insulation can also help extend the life of used motors when used in your repair operation.