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Quality Control

To help assure uniformity and reliable performance of Nomex®, we’ve developed an advanced, statistically based system of quality controls. After all Nomex® products have to meet the highest standards—ours.

The main elements are:

  • Written definition and routine monitoring of all process conditions. Process conditions are computer-controlled, utilizing feedback of process and quality measurements, and are continuously monitored on the machine.
  • Routine testing of statistically selected samples of all products in standardized, state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • Visual inspection, with both reflected and transmitted light, which supplements automatic, online inspection of all finished products to detect and remove or correct defects caused during paper manufacture.
  • Product specifications for all property and quality standards must be met before any Nomex® product can be shipped.
  • Complete records of all process conditions and test results, identifiable by package number, to facilitate the traceability of any shipped product.
  • Our quality systems comply with international standards and have been certified to ISO 9002 since 1991. We also upgraded our certification to the ISO 9001:2000 standards in 2002.