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With their superior performance, Nomex® papers can help improve the performance and endurance of all types of transformers, including ventilated dry-types, cast resin types and liquid-filled transformers. These papers and pressboards deliver high safety margins to cover temperature peaks and overloads. In turn, transformers insulated with Nomex® experience fewer premature failures and reduced downtime, which improves productivity and lowers maintenance costs.

Nomex® products are used as insulation for a wide range of fabricated parts used in transformers, including:

  • Conductor wrap
  • Layer and barrier insulation
  • Coil end filter
  • Core tubes
  • Section or phase insulation
  • Lead and tap insulation
  • Case insulation
  • Radial and axial spacers and spacer sticks

Nomex® papers and pressboards offer benefits to the manufacturers of the following types of transformers:

Dry-type transformers

Nomex® insulation materials provide short and long term benefits in dry-type transformers.



Fluid-Filled transformers

Nomex® offers proven performance and reliability in fluid-filled transformers.