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DuPont Fire Extinguishants

Fire Suppression Systems for the Military

Fire Suppression Systems for the Military

Protecting What Matters Most for Our Military

Selecting the best fire-fighting agent for your strategic operations is crucial. You're responsible for protecting critical assets and the people who use them. Where clean gaseous fire protection is required, experts around the world specify DuPont clean agent fire extinguishants.

No other gaseous extinguishants have ever been more rigorously tested and proven in tough tactical operations, from flight lines to crew bays. The U.S. Navy pitted DuPont™ FM-200® against some of their most dangerous machinery space fires and because of the overall effectiveness and safety of DuPont™ FM-200®, the Navy enlisted it to safeguard strategic areas on its new "ozone-friendly" ships. The U.S. Air Force is flying with DuPont™ FE-25™ for engine protection on board the next-generation fighter aircraft, and the U.S. Army recruited DuPont™ FM-200® to serve and protect engine and crew spaces in vital tracked vehicles.

For people, places, and the planet, there isn't a more effective, safe, and globally accepted fire extinguishing agent than the family of DuPont clean agent fire extinguishants.